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SPECIAL OFFER: 9.5yr Single Barrel Bourbon!

Our newest single barrel ‘McKenzie’ bourbon is here! This cask strength, wheated bourbon was distilled from Finger Lakes grain & aged nearly 10 years in a single barrel—which was hand-selected by our spirits buyer as an Amanti Vino-exclusive! Finger Lakes Distiling ‘McKenzie’ Single Barrel 9.5yr Wheated Bourbon is our most exciting—and delicious—barrel pick yet! The best part? This Amanti Vino exclusive will only run you $89.99 per bottle, as compared to, say, $400+ for similarly-aged wheaters like  Weller ‘Full Proof’ or Rip Van Winkle 10 Year….






Finger Lakes Distilling 'McKenzie' 9.5yr Single Barrel Wheated Bourbon (Barrel #1554) - $89.99 (Amanti Vino Exclusive!)



On this year’s barrel pick at Finger Lakes Distilling, distillery owner Brian McKenzie pulled out some of the most exciting older barrels of bourbon & rye I’ve been shown so far—and it was hard to decide which was best. Tasting blind, I eventually landed on barrel #1554, a 53-gallon cask of heirloom white corn, wheated mash bill bourbon that punches way above its weight. With nearly a decade of aging and a small amount of alcoholic evaporation over the years (barreled at 100 proof, bottled at full final cask strength of 98.8 proof), we were lucky even to get the mere 150 bottles yielded from this particular barrel—and now’s your chance to snag a few! This incredible bourbon won’t last long!



A brief tasting note…
With 9.5 years of maturation in a 53-gallon new, charred American oak barrel, this stunning bourbon comes in at a soft, accessible 98.8 proof despite still being cask strength, making it enjoyable even to those who don’t seek out higher-proof bottlings. The heirloom Hickory King corn variety imparts a pleasant dusty corn note, especially throughout the earlier years of aging, while the near-decade of barrel impact imparts classic caramel, vanilla, and brown sugar flavors, with added complexity from the subtle floral undertones I always find in good wheaters. While I love the core range releases from Finger Lakes Distilling (most of which are in the 4 to 6 year age range), their bourbon really starts to shine at 8 and up, resulting in bourbons that compete—and often beat out—the famous, allocated Kentucky brands in our own blind tastings. With a classic wheated profile reminiscent of bigger Kentucky brands such as Weller, Pappy Van Winkle, & Maker’s Mark, this stunning craft bourbon displays friendly, familiar flavors along with remarkable complexity and a robust, full-bodied mouthfeel thanks to its full proof and lack of chill-filtration. And while some bourbon fans can get overly caught up with age statements, keep in mind that even over-hyped & allocated bottles like Blanton’s are typically just 6 to 8 years old—at 9.5 years, this is in its sweet spot for many bourbons & other spirits aged in new charred oak. Sure to please casual drinkers & bourbon collectors alike, this is a single barrel product that massively over delivers!  



The Finger Lakes Distilling ‘McKenzie’ 9.5-year Single Barrel  Wheated Bourbon (Barrel #1554) offers an amazing value for $89.99 per bottle! 

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Finger Lakes Distilling - 'McKenzie' 9.5yr Single Barrel Wheated Bourbon (Barrel #1554) NV (750)
Finger Lakes Distilling - 'McKenzie' 9.5yr Single Barrel Wheated Bourbon (Barrel #1554) (750ml)

This Amanti-exclusive single barrel bourbon is almost a decade old! Fermented & distilled from heirloom Hickory King corn, red winter wheat, & malted barley, it offers classic bourbon flavors of vanilla, caramel, dusty corn, oak... Read More

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