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It’s normal now to care about where your food and wine come from and how they’re made—and we think you should care just as much about the origin of your favorite spirits! From whisk(e)y to mezcal to brandy and more, our selection highlights independent, small-production distillers and bottlers from around the world to bring you the best of the best: small-scale spirits made to be as delicious as possible, rather than fortune-making. Find a new favorite today! 

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3BR Distillery - 'Mendel' Vodka (750)
3BR Distillery - 'Mendel' Vodka (750ml)

Produced in Keyport, NJ by the descendants of a Soviet moonshiner, this split pea-based vodka is crisp & clean, but less neutral than your average vodka, imparting a pleasant botanical sweetness to cocktails (or as a sipper).... Read More

Our price  $29.99
All Points West - Bone Black Vodka (750)
All Points West - Bone Black Vodka (750ml)

All Points West has quickly become our new local favorite! This vodka, distilled in Newark's Ironbound, is crisp, clean, and incredibly pure, but with a silky, interesting texture. An outstanding sipper, shooter, and mixer.... Read More

Our price  $29.99
Clarisse - French Vodka (750)
Clarisse - French Vodka (750ml)

Distilled in Charente-Maritime from 100% French wheat, this is a clean, bright vodka perfect for sipping but also priced well for cocktail applications. Smooth, precise, & easy to drink!

Our price  $29.99
Faber - Vodka (750)
Faber - Vodka (750ml)

Faber is a new range of premium quality well spirits produced in Philadelphia by New Liberty Distillery. Their classic vodka—gluten-free, as are all spirits—is distilled from corn & provides an excellent craft alternative... Read More

Our price  $15.99
Finger Lakes Distilling - Mac's Vodka (1000)
Finger Lakes Distilling - Mac's Vodka (1L)

A liter of top-quality corn-based vodka from one of our favorite distilleries—and at an unbeatable price! This is classic, crisp, neutral vodka, akin to but better than alternatives such as Tito’s. And, like all distilled... Read More

Our price  $24.99
Finger Lakes Distilling - Wild Berry Vintner's Vodka (750)
Finger Lakes Distilling - Wild Berry Vintner's Vodka (750ml)

Distilled from Finger Lakes wine grapes, which are then macerated with locally-grown blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries before an additional distillation run. Clean, fresh, and very flavorful, it’s a lovely after-dinner... Read More

Our price  $34.99
Harridan - Vodka (750)
Harridan - Vodka (750ml)
Grown Organically 

The current incarnation of this female-owned premium vodka is distilled from organically-farmed New York State corn by our friends at Finger Lakes Distilling, which in our opinion might just be the best independent craft distillery... Read More

Our price  $59.99
Milk Street Distillery - 'Soulless Ginger' Ginger-flavored Vodka (750)
Milk Street Distillery - 'Soulless Ginger' Ginger-flavored Vodka (750ml)

Distilled in Branchville, New Jersey, this is a high-quality flavored vodka made by infusing their corn-based vodka with candied ginger for plenty of spice and a hint of sweetness. Delicious over ice or in a variety of cocktail... Read More

Our price  $37.99
Reisetbauer - 'Axberg' Vodka (750)
Reisetbauer - 'Axberg' Vodka (750ml)

Crafted by arguably the world's greatest distiller of clear spirits, using estate grown wheat and only the prized heart cuts of the distillation run, this is a premium vodka with purity and clarity far beyond its competition.... Read More

Our price  $49.99
Sourland Mountain - Blueberry Honey Vodka (750)
Sourland Mountain - Blueberry Honey Vodka (750ml)

Not overly sweet despite its vibrant color, this summery limited release from Sourland Mountain starts with their flagship vodka, which is then infused with local blueberries and honey for a fruity, delicately sweet vodka perfect... Read More

Our price  $32.99
Wˇdka - Vodka 200mL (200)
Wˇdka - Vodka 200mL (200ml)

One of the last estate-grown Polish rye vodkas on the market, Wódka is proud to reflect Poland’s history of vodka distillation. Wódka’s distillery is located near Kalisz, the oldest town in Poland, which... Read More

Our price  $5.99
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