Burlington Beer Co. Strawberry Whale Cake 4 pack 16 oz. Can
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Burlington Beer Co. Strawberry Whale Cake

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4 pack 16 oz. Can

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Category Cream Ale
Origin United States, Vermont
Brand Burlington Beer Co.
Alcohol/vol 5.5%
Strawberry Whale Cake is the original in our Series of easy drinking Cream Ales brewed with Fruit. Strawberry Whale Cake starts out as a traditional style Cream Ale, brewed with large quantities of Corn in the grist bill creating the classic creamy body Cream ales are famous for (no lactose in this style). We then double down on the fruit addition, in this case Strawberry, to complement the easy drinking nature of the base style. Flavors and aromas of freshly picked strawberries from your local berry patch, balances out the refreshing medium to light body on our favorite warm weather seasonal series.
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  • ba84

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