Dollnitzer Ritterguts Original Ritterguts Gose 500ml Bottle
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Dollnitzer Ritterguts Original Ritterguts Gose

500ml Bottle

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Category Ale
Origin Germany
Brand Dollnitzer Ritterguts
Alcohol/vol 4.7%
Ritterguts Gose is the oldest existing Gose brand in the world! We still brew this unique beer in the old-fashioned way, using genuine Gose yeast with special ingredients like coriander and salt. Gose's refreshing characteristics are developed through an additional lactic acid fermentation, which produces a round and harmonious acidity. The classic, open fermentation and the long, cold maturation make it exceptionally well balanced. Enjoy a piece of the best Leipzig tradition - Cheers: "Goseanna!" Our Original Ritterguts Gose is an old-style beer specialty of Leipzig, brewed to the authentic recipe by traditional methods. Retargets Gose has won several accolades, and has been named the "World's Best Gose". Here you can get to know everything about our local specialty and its rich history.

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