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Let's demystify some new wine terms...

What is "biodynamic" and how is it different from organic?

According to the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association is “a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to agriculture, gardens, food production and nutrition.” Basically, in addition to organic farming practices, the entire vineyard is seen as an interactive, self-sustaining ecosystem, and the goal is to leave the land in better condition than it was. All materials are natural; pesticides or chemical fertilizer are forbidden. Instead, a range of animals live in & around the vineyard to fertilize soil and eradicate pests. While organic wine is simply made with organic grapes, biodynamic wine involves more complex factors and practices.
Which brings us to....

The "biodynamic calendar", whats that about?


There are four types of days which reflect the Earth's four classic elements: root days, flower days, fruit days, and leaf days.

In regards to farming:

Fruit days=harvesting

Leaf days=watering

Root days=pruning

Flower days=the vineyard is left alone.

In regards to drinking:

Fruit days=optimal, fruit flavors are more vibrant.

Leaf days=in theory, plants are more focused on producing chlorophyll on these days, resulting in a lower perception of sweetness in wines.

Root days=worst day to fully experience a wine's flavors, the wine is made subtle and overly-earthy.

Flower days=said to be better days for tasting aromatic wines, especially those white wines with floral aromas.

What makes a wine vegan?


Not everyone knows this, but throughout history wine-makers have used animal biproducts to fine & filter their wine, such as egg whites, animal collagen, and other enzymatic materials. A vegan wine either bypasses the fining and filtering process entirely or uses non-animal-based materials.

What is a "natural wine"?

This term is used A LOT lately but the truth is there is no concrete regulation to determine a universal meaning. The term refers to a generalized movement involving traditional methods, no pesticides or herbicides, and minimal intervention & use of ambient yeast in the wine-making process. There are thousands of expressions of "natural wine" depending on your preferred definition of the term. Current trends gravitate towards rustic, earthy wines with funky aromas & flavors that are often reminiscent of some qualities found in Old World farmhouse ales.

What is "orange wine"?

Simply put, "orange wine" is a result of fermenting white wine varietals with some skin-contact. The skin-contact imparts more color, giving the wine an orange appearance. These wines are typically vinified naturally, resulting in oxidative notes (salty/nutty) and mineral-driven, slightly tannic palate.

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